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Should I start a business?

“I have this great idea . . ..”   That statement leads to the formation of between 500,000 and 600,000 new US business start-ups annually.  A lack of proper planning, however, results in over 50% of those same start-ups failing within four years.

Not every idea is the basis for a new, stand alone business.  Find out before you incorporate.  Is there a market for your product or service?  Can you protect your IP?  Do you have a unique selling proposition (USP)?  Have you considered partnering with another firm? Would licensing your technology be a better choice?  WWLC can help you determine the best way to proceed.

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I need a business plan or financial model

There are a number of online, business planning resources, like LivePlan and Enloop.  These sites offer basic templates which one fills in and modifies. They’re useful . . . up to a point.

What LivePlan and its peers do not provide is experience-based feedback.  Are your target market assumptions valid?  How realistic is your roll-out plan?  Are you raising enough money to achieve your goals?  For help with these and other business planning questions, WWLC can help.  We’ll make sure that your financial model and business plan are investor ready.  


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I need operational advice

Start-up accelerators are great.  They fine-tune one’s investor pitch and business plan.  Often, accelerators also help entrepreneurs attract funding and/or find reputable service providers.  Unfortunately, they are seldom the best resource for answering day to day, operational questions.

For instance, how to:  Negotiate a lease?   Qualify a contract manufacturer?  Choose the right fulfillment provider?   Implement a quality control system?  Get “organic” or similar certification?  Fire an employee?  Trademark a logo?  Sell on Amazon?  How one addresses these, and many other operational challenges, could spell the difference between success and failure.  WWLC can help.


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I need general advice

As businesses evolve, entrepreneurs must deal with challenges that fall outside of the “day-to-day.”  For instance:  How to deal with a passive partner/significant shareholder?  How best to manage investors when results are poor?  How to prepare for future due diligence? How to respond to negative advertising or reviews?  Whether to downsize or even shutdown?  How to deal with a product recall?

Maybe you were too free with job titles when cash was tight; how do you bring in more qualified talent and avoid problems?  Circumstances, both business and personal, change.  WWLC is here to help you navigate those changes.

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I want to incorporate

You’ve decided to incorporate.  Should you form an LLC, an S-Corp, or a C-Corp?   Should you do so in your home state, or perhaps in Delaware?   What is the best choice if one is considering raising angel or venture funding?  What other factors should be considered (state taxes, state training grants, enterprise zones…)?  Do you foresee offering stock incentive programs?   Who should be on your initial Board of Directors?  How do I retain control of my business?

The answers to these and related questions will vary depending on your goals and personal circumstances.  Contact us; WWLC will help you make the right decisions.

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I need to raise money

You’ve incorporated.  Now, you need money to grow your business.  Perhaps you’ve even attended a local hackathon or pitch event where your 90 second pitch was the subject of expert criticism of a comparable duration.   Not much help, that.

What you really need is a more detailed review of your financial model, business plan or investor PowerPoint.  Is your fundraising goal realistic?  How do you justify your pre-money valuation?   Are your key metrics in line with industry standards?  What is the size of your market opportunity?  Is your company really venture ready?  WWLC’s founders can help you with these and many other fundraising questions.

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