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Business Services

Our worldwide network of professionals provides business services that are both distinctive and encompass a wide range of skills and experience.

Seeking assistance from seasoned experts is not only wise but can also save substantial time and money in the best-case scenario, and prevent bankruptcy in the worst-case scenario.

WorldWide Local Connect specialists can assist you in organizing and streamlining your financial accounts and operations, establishing a robust foundation for engaging with investors.

We guide you in crafting a Business and Marketing Plan, Budget, and a 3-5 Year Financial Forecast that aligns with investor expectations.

Whether you’re starting out or scaling up your business, we prepare you to confidently navigate even the most challenging investor negotiations. We’ve been through it and understand what it takes to secure a deal.

If you prefer to attempt a budget on your own first, simply download our Budget Template and take it for a spin.

Business Funding

Whether you have a brilliant idea or are already running a nascent startup or small business, you may eventually need additional funds to drive growth.

WorldWide Local Connect can guide you through the perilous and complex journey to secure funding.

While multi-million dollar business financing deals frequently make headlines, they are not as common as one might think. Those that succeed do so by adhering to stringent business principles.

WWLC is prepared to assist in organizing and refining your financial accounts and systems, streamlining operations, and implementing necessary operational systems and software.

This is to ensure a robust foundation for your business and marketing plans, as well as your budget and 3-5 year financial projections.

This process transforms a mere “Idea” into a viable business proposition for any serious investor.

Are you acquainted with and knowledgeable about these principles?

Digital Marketing

The WorldWide Local Connect team is comprised of some of the most innovative creative and strategic minds globally.

WWLC offers a comprehensive suite of Digital Marketing Services, leveraging their experience to build a strategy and implementation plan that is meticulously monitored to target the highest ROI possible.

They engage the brightest young talent as needed and stay current with the latest technologies, software, and platforms to develop any website or application required.

Worldwide Local Connect excels in integrating Digital Marketing strategies, such as Web Design, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Advertising, into your overall business plan and budget.

You may aspire to expand and secure investors, but unless they are assured that their funds will be allocated to effective sales and marketing initiatives, they will continue to deflect and withhold investment in your company.

We firmly advocate for “Quality” over “Quantity.” Are you ready to commit to the same principle?


WWLC - An Idea is Not a Business - Hans van Putten

Why Business Plans Are Needed!

Most investors, although enamored with a great idea, would not put in their money until the idea has become a business.

They believe that “And Idea Is Not A Business”! Why?

An idea, without structure or plans like, a business plan, a financial model and budget, a marketing plan and proof of concept is (possibly) too risky!

Do you know how to build a comprehensive and integrated business plan, financial model and marketing plan?

Learn more…

WWLC - Liars Can Figure, Figures Don't Lie - Hans van Putten

“Project Realistic Numbers/Figures You Can Defend!”

Simply put, if you try to fool people with unrealistic numbers, any experienced interested party will see throught fake numbers straightaway.

At The Gillette Co. we used to say “Liars Can Figure, but Figures Don’t Lie”! In other words, you can overestimate your sales projections but that will only work against you.

Any financial model and budget should be agressive but realistic. And they should be underlined by a solid business and marketing plan.

Do you know how to “smooth all plans for the casual eye”?

Learn more…

WWLC - Funny Money - Hans van Putten

“Do Investors Write Checks Quickly?”

Some startups think that their great idea will attract big checks immediately. They believe rich investors have “funny money” to spend on any idea.

Don’t be fooled…. those rich investors are rich because they, or their partners are savvy and shrewd in judging what idea is a (potentially) profitable proposition!

Funny money or not, most investors won’t hand you a check until you show a solid business and marketing plan, a realistic financial model and budget and last but not least proof of concept!

Learn more…

Asking For Help Is A Strength!


Carving your own trail is great, provided it doesn’t cost too much time and money, or worse, your business!

Asking experienced people to help, and advise, is not just smart, its invaluable!

- Someone Who's Been There, Done That

Expert Consultants

The world class core team that has started the WWLC adventure works with the best around the world. Years of top skills and experience in startups, small businesses and corporate environments.

Happy Clients

“Exhibiting unmatched development skills, WorldWide Local Connect Inc. successfully created a functional website. As a result, the client generated traffic and orders in just a few months. Moreover, the end client also commended the site positively. The team was communicative, responsive, and skilled.” Read more…

-Babico's Cafe and Grill

“WorldWide Local Connect Inc.’s deliverables helped increase two product lines inquiries, satisfying the client. The team seamlessly collaborated while sticking to the deadlines. Furthermore, they professionally and patiently imparted valuable information to the company. ” Read more…

-Intelimap Inc

“The knowledgeable suggestions made by WorldWide Local Connect Inc. have helped grow the client’s business, also improving the contracts and benefits their employees get.” Read more…

-Artful Life Counseling Center and Studio

“WorldWide Local Connect Inc.’ contributions have been integral to the client’s success. They continue to provide a ton of value to the partnership by remaining accessible, constantly bringing new ideas to the table, and helping the client resolve strategic issues beyond the scope.” Read more…

-Covalent Bonds

“I have collaborated with Hans for many years as he grew 40ParkLane. His insight and forward thinking were critical when he grew Carolyn’s Handmade as Brand and the customer base while implementing new technologies in marketing and data analysis.”

-Jennifer B

“Thanks to Worldwide Local Connect Inc.’s efforts, the traffic increased significantly. The team communicated excellently, keeping the client updated with the project’s progress. Overall, they were responsive and proactive.” Read more…

-Massage Visits

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Business Consulting

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Hans van Putten - Web Designer - Digital marketer and Business Advisor

Hans van Putten
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