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WorldWide Local Connect services provides a vast array of skills and experiences that will help you lay the foundation for a successful business.

Business Services

Financial Review

Financial Services

Creating a budget and financial model can be straightforward, but ensuring they are realistic and appealing to potential investors is challenging.

Experience is crucial in validating that the figures are sensible and align with your business and marketing strategies.

This is why it’s often advised to first examine your current financials and systems. Should they fall short, a cleanup and establishment of essential KPIs and reports are recommended.

Are you adept at constructing a comprehensive financial model? Our team specializing in business services might offer assistance.

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Business Plan Review

Business Analysis

It’s been said, “No business plan is wrong… until proven otherwise.”

Indeed, however, by the time it becomes clear that your plan is ineffective, significant financial loss may have occurred. In the worst-case scenario, it could even lead to the loss of your business. Unfortunately, this happens more often than one might expect.

Engaging experts, those with relevant experience, to review your plan, before you spend a lot of money to support your business’ turnaround or growth, is a worthwhile investment.

We firmly believe in “Quality” over “Quantity.”

Have you considered having a professional evaluate your business and marketing plan? Speak with our business services team to discover how we can assist you.

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SWOT Analysis Review

Business Review

A SWOT Analysis is vital for both new and established businesses.

Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is tantamount to being “Forewarned is Forearmed!”

Grasping these four fundamental aspects of business analysis enables you to strategically move forward or pull back as necessary, in a deliberate and managed way. Anticipating changes typically results in lower costs than unexpected shifts.

Do you possess the experience to identify all opportunities and threats? Our business services provide expert and seasoned assistance.

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WWLC Business Services | Financial Model - Peter Dragone

Financial Model

If you are a new business, you usually start with a Business Plan, figure out what products or services you will sell, and at what quantities, before you build a financial model.

Existing businesses may look at the financials first, to see if they are financially sound (Balance Sheet) or if their sales and profit growth is in line with expectations.

Either way, it is crucial that a financial plan ties into the business and marketing plan.

Do you know how to build a detailed 3-5 years financial model with sales and profit projections, annual balance sheets and cash-flow analysis?

Whether you sell products or services, our business services team may be able to help.

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WorldWide Local Connect | Marketing Plan Business Review- Peter Dragone

Business Plan

A business plan outlines your vision/mission and your objectives from a “helicopter level”, and fills in the details from there.

It should contain your product sales and variations, the 4 P’s and the marketing plan to drive those sales.

It should also contain sales and general expenses, the expenses that fund the foundation and structure of your business.

Last but not least, your business plan must include an organization chart, outlining who is responsible for what objective.

You must be able to explain, especially to a potential investor, who is responsible for hitting the sales target.

Would your business plan pass the scrutiny of a seasoned investor? 

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WorldWide Local Connect Services | SWOT Analysis - Peter Dragone

SWOT Analysis

Analyzing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats is one of the best exercises of the whole business plan.

It forces you to take stock of your assets, real or intellectual, your competitors and when and where possible, anticipate any reaction to unforeseen circumstances needed.

You can never foresee everything, but a SWOT puts your idea, your plans and financial model in perspective. Thus leaving you better prepared!

Are you familiar with how to create a useful SWOT? Either way, our business services team may be able to help your business whether you sell products or services.

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Summary of Services

WorldWide Local Connect business offers a wide variety of services, Starting with Financial Cleanups, Financial Modelling services, Business Planning services, SWOT Analysis services, all critical pillars of any business. The WWLC business critical pillars are the services outlined above, together with Digital Marketing Services and Business Funding services.

Asking For Help Is A Strength!


Carving your own trail is great, provided it doesn’t cost too much time and money, or worse, your business!

Asking experienced people to help, and advise, is not just smart, its invaluable!

- Someone Who's Been There, Done That

Expert Consultants

The world class core team that has started the WWLC adventure works with the best around the world. Years of top skills and experience in startups, small businesses and corporate environments.

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“I have collaborated with Hans for many years as he grew 40ParkLane. His insight and forward thinking were critical when he grew Carolyn’s Handmade as Brand and the customer base while implementing new technologies in marketing and data analysis.”

-Jennifer B

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