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If you have answered all the tough questions, and you are ready to register a business, check out the “LLC University” website for links to register a company for all 50 states. Once you have registered your company, check back with us and let’s chat about your strategic plans, business & marketing plan, budget and 3-5 year financial model and exit strategy. We can help you ramp up and/or get ready for funding.

Remember, “An idea is not a business!” Serious investors, as opposed to family, friends, and acquaintances, invest in a “business”. This means your brilliant idea needs to be backed by solid plans and financial projections.

We can assist you in this area, or prepare you for growth or an exit by streamlining your accounting, establishing systems and procedures, and making your business appealing to investors. Having raised over $50 million for our clients, we are confident we can offer you similar assistance.

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WWLC Services

WWLC can help you with your startup business from the beginning. Here are some of our most common areas of expertise.

Help Get Your Business Ready for Funding

Are you looking to secure funding to take your business to new heights? At World Wide Local Connect, we specialize in helping businesses like yours prepare for funding opportunities. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring that your business is primed for success. From creating a strong business plan to optimizing your financials, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you unlock the funding you need to fuel your growth. Contact us today for a personalized consultation!

Financial Models

We at WorldWide Local Connect use a proprietary financial model, developed in-house to offer you a 3 or 5 year financial plan. We look at your current (financial) situation, at your business plan and sales and marketing plan as well as your (financial & other) resources to build the 3-5 year plan. We keep in mind whether you’d like to exit at the end or whether your business will be a “Lifestyle” business, and will cater both the financial and legal structure as well as the business plan as a whole, and sales/marketing plan in more detail to your objectives. Our financial model is fully interactive and we can change the numbers to any scenario you like.

Business Planning

At World Wide Local Connect, we understand that building a business plan that aligns with your vision is crucial, whether your business offers services or develops and sells products. Our experienced team has a wealth of skills and expertise across various industries, allowing us to create a business plan that caters to your short, medium, and long-term goals. We ensure that your plan is fully tailored to the financial constraints you operate under. Unlike other consulting firms, we don’t just deliver a report and bill you. We walk the talk and are committed to your success, even serving on advisory boards if necessary. Let us guide you towards success!

Unlock Your Funding Potential

At WWLC, we understand the importance of investor presentations in obtaining funding for your business. Investors are looking for comprehensive and well-prepared pitches that showcase your vision and potential. With our expertise and guidance, we will help you create compelling presentations that leave a lasting impression. From crafting an impactful executive summary and pitch-deck to developing a detailed business plan and sales/marketing strategy, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your presentations meet the highest standards. Let us set you up for success on your funding journey.

At WorldWide Local Connect Inc. we’ve all been in your shoes. We’ve all worked in corporate, owned, managed and sold our businesses successfully and along the way made many mistakes. Mistakes you don’t have to make, we can help you navigate the pitfalls, saving you time and money, all which you can spend better building your new company.

Over 30+ years our team has accumulated a wealth of experience and skills across industries and business roles. You can close your eyes and jump, and start or build your company, while, like us, learning through your mistakes, or you could let us help you and focus on doing the right things at the right time, and doing it right the first time.

A 30 minute chat, to discuss your needs is 100% free. Simply contact us and we’ll listen to what you and your business are about, and where you may need help. We are of course happy to sign an NDA before you divulge any confidential information.

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An Idea Is Not A Business!
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With WorldWide Local Connect Inc.’s support, the client’s business has been successfully acquired by a major strategic. The team demonstrates the exceptional ability to quickly learn a business, model it, and put it into a pitch deck. The team remains accommodating, efficient, and professional.

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WorldWide Local Connect Inc.’ contributions have been integral to the client’s success. They continue to provide a ton of value to the partnership by remaining accessible, constantly bringing new ideas to the table, and helping the client resolve strategic issues beyond the scope.

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