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Same Setup as Used by The Gillette Company

when Hans van Putten (Co-Founder WWLC) was an Executive at Gillette

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Financial Organization

Starts with knowing your income and expenses and cash-flow

Financial Structure

Financial systems and structure are the backbone of any company.



Proper reporting allows you to have information to base your decisions on.


Financial Planning

Financial Structure and Systems makes proper planning possible.

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet tells you what you own, what is owed to you and what you owe to others.

Profit and Loss Account

The Profit and Loss Account tells you what your income is, and what your expenses are.

Cash-Flow Analysis

Your Cash-Flow analysis tells you whether money is coming in or going out.

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A similar setup as this Profit & Loss Account was used by The Gillette company when Hans van Putten (co-founder of WWLC Inc.) was an Executive at The Gillette Company.

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