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The Challenge

You need a business plan.  Perhaps you’ve been working with little more than an outline and enthusiasm.  Or, maybe, you were told that “nobody reads business plans anymore; a one to three page summary will suffice.”  Now, your bank has asked to review your full plan.  You’re consumed with daily challenges already; what should you do?  Are the online options like LivePlan, Enloop or Business Plan Pro acceptable?  And what if you are seeking investment?  What do investors expect and when should you send it?    

The Solution

WWLC’s founders have extensive experience writing and editing business plans.   We know that they are far more than an item on a due diligence check list.  A well crafted plan, properly researched, can be an effective management tool.  Online business planning services are useful but, often, do little more than validate the old saying: “Garbage in, garbage out.”  WWLC will work with you, conducting the analysis and market research necessary to create a cohesive, compelling business plan.  



PLANS. The SBA recommends having 3 plan formats (Full, Intermediate and Summary).

LIKELY MORE, pages in a Full Plan. The classic format.

PAGES. An intermediate-sized plan for select audiences.

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