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Entrepreneur Mentor - WWLC - Hans van Putten - Image by stefan-stefancik-257625-unsplash-500x500Entrepreneur Mentor – Teacher and Implementer is different form your usual advisor or consultant. Here at WWLC we don’t believe in spending a lot of time understanding and getting to know you and your business, to simply walk away at the end, leaving a thick report and a fat bill.

We have been there and done that! We ourselves in over 30 years have learned the hard way. We know, that when the advisors or consultants walk out the door, they are laughing all the way to the bank, while your bank balance suddenly looks a lot less exciting.

Add to that, the fact that on too many occasions the fat report, for which a significant sum of money was paid, ends up on the shelf in a cabinet in the back. Or, as you are trying to get to grips what the advisors told you was the plan to implement……. a number of variables have changed and the plan is suddenly worth zero. Goodbye report, goodbye your money, while the consultants and advisors are still laughing all the way to the bank.

As Entrepreneur Mentor we use the principle of The Black Box Theory. We believe that you cannot take a snapshot of your business and the market it’s in and write a report with a plan that is still valid in a few months. Nowadays, with the incredibly fast moving internet activity, a choice, a plan, a strategy that is valid today, may be null and void tomorrow.

The Black Box theory, explains how to treat yourself, your business, the internet……any system of which you don’t know its inner workings, as a black box. Take action with input variables, like creating a website online, and see what the output is, like traffic or conversions. By changing the input variables and monitoring output you figure out what works and what may be going on in that black box.

We as Entrepreneur Mentor teach you how to utilize The Black Box theory, test ideas, test strategies, and find solutions. We will get to know you and your business and mentor you, while providing you with the tools to do a lot, if not everything yourself.

A business is a combination of a puzzle and a chess game! Don’t put a piece of the puzzle where it does not belong as it may break. And like with a chess game, its the war you need to win, not just one battle. As Entrepreneur Mentor we will guide you over time, whenever you need us and teach you how to approach starting a business, then grow a business, while utilizing web design to gain online presence and digital marketing to get your voice heard.

Check out our experienced The Black Box theory and who we are, and don’t be shy to drop us a line. It’s easy to contact us and remember it’s Free!


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